Why can’t rappers rap about nice things?


  • put them in a closet for you cause it’s polite
  • carry you to your bed cause baby I know you tired
  • broom out of your hand because you’ve had a long day at work, and i can do it myself. 
  • collection of politely worded love letters.


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(21-3-2012) Basant…. in Pashtoon Style

There’s Basant at the university where i teach.. I’m getting amused by the blast pashto music accompanying a traditional Punjabi kite flying festival.

Cultural diversity rocks.


Bol ke lab azaad hain tere (Tina Sani)

bol ke lab aazaad haiN tere
bol zabaaN ab tak terii hai
teraa sutvaaN jism hai teraa
bol ke jaaN ab tak terii hai
dekh ke aahaNgar kii dukaaN meN
tuNd haiN shole surKh hai aahan
khulne lage qufloN ke dahaane
phailaa har ek zanjiir kaa daaman
bol ye thoRaa vaqt bahut hai
jism-o-zubaaN kii maut se pahle
bol ke sach ziNdaa hai ab tak
bol jo kuch kehnaa hai keh le

(sutvaaN : well built; aahaNgar : blacksmith; tuNd : bright; aahan : iron; qufl : lock; dahaanaa : mouth)



Beygairat Brigade - Aalu Anday

This video though comes with English subtitles need a little explanation for International or expat Pakistani audience. Beygairat Brigade stands for Shameless Brigade, a sort of reference to the Ghairat (Honour) Brigade which often props up for people who believe if things are not done their way, Pakistanis are doing it wrong.

References they make in the video:

  1. Aalu Anday (Potato Egg Curry), a pretty common curry in Pakistan. Illustrating the Pakistani mentality where they will prefer to eat Chicken even if Lentils are more expensive as somehow Chicken is a more “royal food”.
  2. He pokes fun at Shairf brothers (of Pakistan Muslim League - N) for just hanging from the sky after being sidelined by Zardari (of Pakistan People’s Party). Also later he tells them that they have no chance from Army since Papa Kiyani (Chief of Army) “not likey you”.
  3. He claims that Imran Khan (of Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf) is just hanging on to Chief Justice as his last hope who is also silent himself since he wants extension in his service after retirement. He goes on to call Imran Khan’s party nothing but a Good looking Jamat-e-Islami (a Religious political party). And that a free judiciary means death of the present people in power (PPP). 
  4. He decries the situation of Pakistan where people like Mumtaz Qadri are treated as royalty (who assassinated Governor Punjab Salman Taseer) or Ajmal Qasab is treated like a hero (the lone survivor of the Mumbai carnage), or the Mullah who ran away in the veil (reference to the leader of the group which declared Islamic Government from Lal Mosque right in middle of Islamabad) but no one remembers Dr Abdus Salaam (the lone Nobel Laureate from Pakistan) because he was a Qadiyani (a sect declared non-Muslims by rest of the Muslims).
  5. Video being sponsored by Zionists just highlights how Pakistanis are neck deep in conspiracy theories. Same with the hue and cry about Blackwater (or now Xe) where though terrorist attacks were happening from inside the country we were quick to exonerate ourselves by blaming them.
  6. Your money + my pocket = we are still enemies hahaha, reference to Pakistani American relationship.
  7. Mullah + Military = Zia ul yuckee, reference to General Zia ul Haq a dictator who literally single handedly derailed any chance of Pakistani progressive thought. 
  8. Every year Pakistan now faces several food crisis, one of the most notorious is the shortage of sugar which results it people stocking it and selling it later at exuberant prices. 

No matter how troubled things are in Pakistan these boys are just few of the people willing to take fight right to the source and the dangers they face could not be exhibited any less clearly than with the last sign the lead singer was carrying.

If you are still interested, check this small news item on BBC or this at Tribune.



The Benjamin Sisters were a Pakistani singing group of three sisters, Nerissa, Beena and Shabana Benjamin. Usually chorus-singing together in appearances on Pakistan Television in the late 1970s and early 1980s, they achieved immense popularity in Pakistan in what began to be referred to as the Benjamin Sisters Phenomenon.

Benjamin Sisters first participated in various music learning programs aired on Pakistan Television from 1968 to 1987. These programs were conducted by Sohail Rana; a prominent music director of Pakistan, and they were aimed at educating children about music. The three sang in a synchronized way, in a “single voice.” The famous of which they sang the patriotic National song of Pakistan known as the Is parcham kay saye tale hum ek hai.


Our new national anthem…


Strings, “Mein tou Dekhoonga”

Feel good song for the time being. Here’s an established band, known for their humanitarian efforts and social commentary via their product. Now, in my opinion, featuring poor kids in a music video is a very tricky feat to successfully accomplish. Basically, how do you keep it from being viewed as a gimmick? There has been a recent video which featured children as well, which I won’t name because I feel their intentions were good. However, watching it felt kind of like a drag because it came off as gimmicky to me. The children were just used as a backdrop or as props.

So as this video started, and the little girl comes up to the band and sits down, I thought to myself, “here we go again..” and waited for the vocals to kick in. Also at this point I’m wondering, is that a Fender or Gibson harmoonium? :P

Immediately, there is something different about this song, compared to the one mentioned above. The song is cheerful, positive, and most surprisingly, focused on the children! The lyrics are simple, the delivery is easy to follow, and all these sentiments are followed by the body language of the artists. They are performing for the kids, and the kids alone. They are no longer reduced to being a backdrop.

This is a sentiment we need to start implementing in our lives. As much as we do, we don’t do enough to live our lives for the betterment of not just our own children, but all children that we influence in our daily lives. If we start by having a more positive outlook on our country for starters, then maybe our kids will want to go back in summer vacation, or not think of leaving the first chance they get. Thank you Strings, for releasing this song and video; one day Inshallah we will make your vision a reality :) 

On a side note, this song made for some great studying music for me last night. Made me more positive about the 5 tests I had to tackle :P Mein bhi dekhoonga!

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Gurus Of Peace - A R Rahman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

A *beautiful* song with meaningful lyrics, sung by two great artists.



Qaumi Tarana/national anthem, on electric guitar


Pakistan through its music


"This is one of my favourite songs and videos. First, it’s Iqbal’s amazing romantic revolutionary poetry. As it’s in Urdu, it’s even better. Secondly, it gives a glimpse of some of Pakistan’s highly diverse culture: Local clothes, traditional fashion, dances, nomadic lifestyle and landscape. Last but not the least : the tabla!"—Jahanzebjz (Submitted by: http://jahanzebjz.tumblr.com/)


Pakistan’s latest national anthem i suppose….


Main Tou Dekhoonga - Strings, 2011



Rhythm of Unity

This is the True Pakistan. i remember How it was A favorite of everyoen basically it used to coem before 9’o clock news and everyone used to halt whatever they were doing to come & spend those 3 mins in front of TV . I even tried to do those steps rofl as i was too young

Superb effort 

i can recognize mahi yaar di ghadoli bhardi in this piece at the moment i guess that represents Punjab


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